Dist::Zilla Set B Scene 169 Take 2A

Today in the Dist-Pen I am going to try and get all my version numbers in a row.

Doing some more investigation on how Dist::Zilla will solve another of my distro pains and that is Versioning of my package. I did learn a lesson on version some years again when I though I was doing someone a favor I did a quickie release of DBD::Oracle where the release tar ball didn't match up with the release name.

Go a whole bunch of heat over that breaking a few things that other people where doing. I guess going from 1.23 to 1.24a can really spoil some peoples day, who new? So since that time I have always been very weary about visioning my code.

There is a nice little plugin for Dist::Zilla called 'AutoVersion' which is suppose to fix this sort of thing for you. Up till now I just had

version = 0.01

in my '.ini' and that would change both the name of my tar and the versions in the Build.PL and Makfiel.PL. Now to get AutoVersion to work I first have to get rid of the version line and add in the plugin line;

name = Database-Accessor
--version = 0.01
author = John Scoles
license = GPL_3
copyright_holder = John Scoles
main_module = lib/Database/Accessor.pm

and when I build my distro I will see that I get a version # that starts at 1 (the default) and then has a date time component which is suppose to by two digit year with the day count or 'yyDDD' for short. So the default result was;


which is correct at 50 days (including today) but I am not sure why the extra '0' is there. Upon some extra snooping about I did figure out what the extra '0' is for. If you set an ENV var called 'N' like so


it will be placed in that last position like this


So that little mystery solved. Unfortunately this is an undocumented feature as least in the pod. Though if you are quick enough to read the default template

{{ sprintf('%01u', ($ENV{N} || 0)) }}

you might pick this out if you happen to read Text::Template like I do. Being the sort of person that I am I had to try this will all sorts of unusual entries just so see what happens. It will take any integer and tack it on, so you could see


using special characters just dies as you get a sprintf error, the same when using a string, if you use a negative number you can get some fun results like this


There is also one other undocumented feature if you can also use a 'DEV' ENV var and tack that one the end after an'_'. If you set


you would get


which is neat.

You can of course change the format anyway you want. If I want my original patten '.01' and have it start at '2' rather that the default or 1, all I have to do is;

++major = 2
++format = {{sprintf('0.%02d',$major)}}

Above I am setting the plugin attribute 'major' from the default of '1' to '2', next I set the 'format' attribute, just a simple Text::Template line where I use a sprintf to format the passed in $major attribute from the line above. So after a build I get this


It would be nice if I could get both a major and minor attribute in there but that is for another post.

So all in all a nice little plugin but a little lacking on the documentation side.


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