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Well there comes a time in every playpen where it is time for bed so this will be the last moose-pen for a little while as I am all out of Moose to do on my Accessor project and I have to start getting it ready for CPAN.

So my love affair with Moose is ending, for the time being, and now I start working on the part of creating packages I dread the most 'Distribution'.

Up to this point in my career I have been lucky the only complex CPAN dist I ever worked with, DBD::Oracle, came with an extensive MakeFile.PL that I really only need to tweak every once an a while. At some 2800+ lines of code I was glad for that.

I must admit that most of the distribution parts of the CPAN modules I have authored where children created from the good old 'copy a Makefile.pl similar project, make a few changes an then pray for the best' school. So far that has worked fine, for me, but I am still way back in 1995 so I think it is time I got my skill levels up a bit.

So I have a choice here I can go with the tried and true copy, update of a present MakeFile.PL?? Well I tried that today and ran into allsorts of problems like this

Failed test 'use Database::Accessor;'
# at t/00_load.t line 9.
# Tried to use 'Database::Accessor'.
# Error: Can't locate Database/Accessor/Constants.pm in @INC (you

as I in the copy job I did neglected add this in

"NAME" =>"Accessor",

in the make file and I was not getting the other files that are under the Accessor name-space to load into the '/database-accessor/blib/lib' folder. The other mod I copied this from worked fine without it as it was only one level deep.

So given that my tried and true hack and sope method is failing me right now I think I will try one of these


Sort of the present standard out there and a few of my Modules use it or at least the copies I use do. My level of understanding is nill to null.


A pure perl solution that may be good for me as I do a good deal of my development on a windows box and can never seem to find a stable version of nmake these days

MakeMakes bastard child suppose to be easier to use than MikeMaker with a much better API

and finally;


The newish kid on the block and will not only builder but a complete distribution tool. According to its pundits it will do everything sort of writing the code for you. Have use it in the past but that is too long ago for me to rmember if I liked it or not.

So there you have it. Now what to choose??

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