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Dist::Zilla Still Stuck on Bugs

It is the big bug round up day here at the Dist-Pen

In my last post I had a look at the [Bugs] section plug-in for Pod::Weaver, following along that line I am going to look at a three similar ones;

Dist::Zilla Report Bugs

Knocking off another Section here at the Dist-Pen today.

The last few posts I was dealing with the trials and tribulation of the [Availability] section plug-in, today I am going to look at another section plug-in [Bugs].

As the name implies add a 'Bug' blurb to your POD. Like the plug-in from my last ="…

Dist::Zilla Flash Bugs

So it is Dist and a little Pod day here in the Dist-Pen.

In my last post I as have a look at the [Availability] section plug-in and ran at a problem when I was trying to get the content for the 'development' info that was promised by the Plug-in.

There where a few issues with my approach. First what I wanted to see was the link up to my github site. I though that this would do it to the 'dist.ini' file;

Dist::Zilla Ready and Available

Sorry to say more Pod today in the Dist-Pen.

In my last post I wrapped up the final section [Legal] found in the [@Default] template for Pod::Weaver. Since I am on such a roll I will go on and look at a number of other 'Sections' that available on CPAN.

The first one I am going to look at is [Avail…

Dist::Zilla Consults the Law

I can see the end soon for POD here in the Dist-Pen but not quite yet.

In my last post I had a real quick look at the [Authors] section plug-in and how the trick to using it is to know that the list of authors comes from your 'dist.ini' file. Today I am going to look [Legal] the last of the sections found in the [@Default] template.

As you can guess this is…

Dist::Zilla Lists Authors

Still plunking away in the POD world today in the Dist-Pen.

In my last post I had a look a the very simple [Leftovers] section plug-in and how it dumps all unaccounted for POD in the that place on your template. Today I am going to look at another simple one from the [@default] template [Authors]

Looking at the POD for the first time is plug-in one w…

Dist::Zilla Hates Leftovers

Well POD post-ette day again here in the Dist-Pen

In my last post I had a look at the [Collect] section plug-in and how you can use it to gather up similar parts of your POD in to one section in a document. Useful when you want to keep the POD next to the code but you have a mix of function attributes and subs in the code for other valid reasons.

Today I am looking aI would guess would be the simplest plug-in to use [/users/byterock/2018/03/index.html

Dist::Zilla Collects

Its collection day here at the Dist-Pen.

In my last post I looked at the rather plain but useful [Generic] section plug-in, that lets the Pod writer control where any section of POD that begins with =head1 can be moved to anywhere on the page. Today I am going to look at another of the often used plug-in the [Collect] section or plug-in.

This section is …

Dist::Zilla Generic Model

Sorry still on the all POD diet here at the Dist-pen today

In my last post I had a look at custom [Region] section and how that section lets you define your own custom tags you can use in you POD. Today I am looking at one of the often used sections and one of the more simple ones the [Generic] section.

If you look at the [@Default] template you will s…

Dist::Zilla Regional Report

Good Meal day here in the Dist-Pen

So in my last post I had a look at a the little more complex [Version] section plug-in for Pod::Weaver and Dist::Zilla. How the user can change the format of the section and even use some passed in variable, identified with a '%' in a section template.

Today we are going to look at one of the Meat and Potato sections the [Re…

Dist::Zilla Plots Version

Even more POD here at the Dit-pen.

In my last postI wrote about the rather simple [Name] section today I am going to move onto something a little more complex the [Version] section.

[Version] does not produce a lot of POD just

=head1 VERSION

version 0.01

in the case of my distribution. It is getting that '0.01' from my 'dist.ini' file

Dist::Zilla Takes it in the Name

Another Pod post here in the Dist-pen.

In my last post one saw how you can change the order of the 'sections' of your POD by simply not using the '@Default' template and using you own custom template. You also saw haw you can use other peoples templates by simply installing them and the swapping them out for the [@Default] template.

Today I am going to have a closer look at the [Name] section.

This is one of the more simplistic section templates, it only produces the following;


Dist::Zilla On Style

Even more POD here on the Dist-Pen today.

I my last post I finally figured out how Pod::Weaver works, a template, weaver.ini file, that has 'Sections', [Name], [Author] etc, that you can change to create your POD document.

I wanted to test just how Pod::Weaver works so I replace '@default' in my 'weaver.ini' whith what the source code of Pod::Weaver::PluginBundle::Default

Dist::Zilla Tempate

It is still POD day here at the Dist-Pen

I spent the day trying to get a little deeper into POD::Weaver to understand how it works rather than just aping the three lines I have seen in the odd tutorial or should I say tuturial-ette;


[-Transformer / List]
transformer = List

The fist thing to know about POD::Weaver is if you want to use it any deeper than the above then don't bother going to its home-page on CPAN there is not much there to get…

Dist::Zilla and Weaver. Play Nice!

Small problem solving day here in the Dist-Pen.

Just a quick post-ette today to resolve the problem I was having in my last post, where I was trying to get [PodWeaver] to work with 'Pod::Elemental::Transformer'.

I was trying to get this;

=head1 Table Of Contents
=for :list
* Database::Accessor::Tutorial::Gettin…

He's Back!!!

Just when you think the Dist::Zilla is gone, I am going to go back to the Dist-Pen for the next few posts.

I could just spend the next thirty posts or so writing up a new POD each day and posting the results here. I wouldn't learn anything though, I alreay know how to write POD, and I am sure I would loose any readers I might of gained over the last few weeks. So I think I will spare us that and instead re-visit Dist-Zilla today.

I am going to re-vist how I am using [PodWeaver] plugin, as I am facing so…

No Dist::Zilla

I guess it is the POD-pen now.

The third POD post in as many days and really noting to do with Dist::Zilla so I guess I will have to find some other pictures to post.

After yesterday's post I took some time and had a look at a large number of different CPAN modules to get some ideas on the contents and style of my Accessor POD.

One thing that I have seem many modules do is break their documentation into separate PODs, under the names-pace and I will do that with Accessor as well.

I am going to keep some things in the proper as it is good to have s…

Dist::Zilla Goes to SKULE

Another boring day in the POD-pen

I am getting sick of writing up PO of well necessary evil I guess at least my post will be sort for the next few days.

Today I managed to get my methods and attributes all written up but that left me with a layout dilemma that I have to solve. Should I go with the very traditional POD alphabetical grouping like this

  • Methods
    • add_condition
    • add_element
    • add_filter
    • add_gather
    • add_link
    • add_sort
    • create
    • delete
    • new…

Dist::Zilla Does Pod

So it is POD day here in the Dist-Pen.

I am not going two write up another POD tutorial as there are tons of those about what today's post-ette
is about what happened when you start writing up your POD.

What I always like to do in the POD process is start writing it at about the very same time when I am coding things up and fill in most of the banks as I go along. Others are of the do it at the beginning and others are wait for the end. So I guess I take the middle ground.

I have worked on both ends of the spectrum.

In one shop you could not check an…

Dist-Zilla Hates Tidy

It is discovery of silly mistakes day here in the Dist-pen.

Over the past few posts I have been running down a persnickety bug in my Database::Accessor system. I had first seen it while expanding and cleaning up my test cases and I thought at first I fixed it with a simple 'lib' statement and a slight change to my embedded classes. As I dug down into my test cases the bug came up again I reverted that embedded class cha…

Dist::Zilla is Sad or is that Happy?

Sad day here at the Dist-pen.

Today I awoke still having nagging doubts about putting a copy of 'Database::Accessor::DAD::Test' directly into 'Test::Database::Accessor::Utils'. It did get all my tests to run correctly but it still was a cheat or a kludge at best.

So today I did build and then installed 'Da…

Dist::Zilla Party Time

Its a good day for a party here in the Dist-pen.

A milestone here today in the Dist-pen. I finally got;

t/56_retrieve.t ............. ok
t/test.t .................... ok
All tests successful.
Files=26, Tests=319, 34 wallclock secs ( 0.21 usr 0.11 sys + 31.23 cusr 1.99 csys = 33.54 CPU)
Result: PASS
[DZ] all's well; removing .build/usLuCs7LTk

So time for a praty.

Once I got though that problem I had with my last ="…

Very Little Dist::Zilla

Only an indirect dist-pen post today.

You ever have one of those days. Your code just does not want to come together and gives you know end of grief. Well today was one of those days for me.

I left off yesterday with what I though was a solution for my problems with 't/30_view.t', by moving my 'Database::Accessor::Roles::DAD' out of and into its own file. Seem I still had a problem as in the 'Database::Accessor::DAD::Test' I still had a 'use Database::Accessor;' present.

Now that was setting up a circular call to, as well it was never my in…

Dist::Zilla Plan

Just when you think Dist-Pen is gone its back again.

Now that I have my Dist::Zilla mostly worked out with all sorts of test goodies it is time that I buckle down and finish off and or clean up all my 'Automated' level test. As an side note, the term 'Automated' tests was a little confusing for me. I eventually figured out that by automated they (however they may be?) mean test that CPANTS will run. Normally these are the test in your 't' dir.

Myself I guess I must just be old school as I always called these module tests and it wasn't until I embarked on my Dist::Zilla tr…

Is this the End for Dist::Zilla??

The last round of test case review here at the Dist-Pen today.

Down to the final few today;

Dist::Zilla Improved POD

laying with another seven sisters here is the Dist-Pen today

Well the good news for today seems Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::Legal is finally pointing to the correct version at meta::cpan I guess if finally got indexed. Now on with today’s review of seven more Test case Plug-ins.

Dist::Zilla Get More Friends

Plug-in test day yet again here in the Dist-Pen.

After getting my Legal test to work in yesterday's post, funny thin is metacpan still show ver 0.02 as the latest not 0.03 for some reason, I am going to plink away at seven more sisters today;

Dist::Zilla Hates Bugs

Today in the Dist-Pen I am going to have a quick Post-ette.

In yesterday’s post I was a little disappointed with Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::Legal not working, so for today’s post I was going to have a look at it and see why.

Well to start off I did do a force install yesterday which is never a good way to do things but I was a little short of time. Looking at the code in Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::Legal the part I …

Dist::Zilla Sorry Today

The plug-ins for today are

Dist::Zilla In The Sky

Its plow though some more test plug-ins day again here in the Dist-Pen.

So in my last post had found one plug-in that was useful, today I hope to find another from this list of Dist::Zilla::Test plug-in

Dist::Zilla Likes Toys

Yeah another test play-date here in the Dist-Pen.

Playing with testing and Dist::Zilla over the last few posts has not only introduced me to a the newer 'Perlish' way to ogranize your test cases but I have seen a good number of plug-ins that might be interesting for me to add into my '.ini' file. Now besides the two I really wanted and have added in '[Test::Kwalitee]' and '[Test::Perl::Critic]' I know very little about the others so I am just going to plow though them alphabetically.

So my first batch of test plug-ins for today are

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