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Still plunking away in the POD world today in the Dist-Pen.

In my last post I had a look a the very simple [Leftovers] section plug-in and how it dumps all unaccounted for POD in the that place on your template. Today I am going to look at another simple one from the [@default] template [Authors]

Looking at the POD for the first time is plug-in one would be quite lost at how to use it. I guess the original POD writer though that is was so simple to use it need no explanation. The trick here is this particular plug-in gets all its info from the 'dist.ini' file. In that file there will be a least one 'author' line as in mine;

name = Database-Accessor
author = John Scoles
license = GPL_3
To add in more 'authors' simply add in more of the same line like so

author = John Scoles
++author =  Bill Bloggings 
license = GPL_3
and after a quick clean and build with 'dzil' I get

=head1 AUTHORS
=over 4
=item *
John Scoles 
=item *
Bill Bloggings 
This plug-in does have the standard 'header' attribute so if I want to use the more archaic spelling of 'Authour' then all I need to do in my 'weaver.ini' file is

header = Authours

I guess that ends the post-ette for today and in compensation for the short post here is a silly cat-zilla pic.


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