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Sorry to say more Pod today in the Dist-Pen.

In my last post I wrapped up the final section [Legal] found in the [@Default] template for Pod::Weaver. Since I am on such a roll I will go on and look at a number of other 'Sections' that available on CPAN.

The first one I am going to look at is [Availability]. This will add an section to you POD that will contain an Availability blurb depending on what you have configured in your 'dist.ini' file.

This plug-in cannot be used stand alone you will have to use both the 'Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Bugtracker' and the 'Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Homepage plug-in in your 'dist.ini' file. Now I have yet to play with these two plug-ins so I will install and then add them to my '.ini' file

[Homepage] seems simple enough as is should get that data from my Meta-Data as far as I can see. Now [Bugtracker] looks a little more elaborate and for once the POD is well documented so I will just go with the default for now.

So a quick addition to my 'dist.ini' file


and then an add in to my 'weaver.ini' file;


and after few minutes to install all those new plug-ins I gave it the usual 'clean' and 'build' with 'dizl'. Oh by the way if you install 'Pod::Weaver::Section::Availability' first it will install the two Dist::Zilla plug-ins for you, so you can save yourself a little typing.

Now after the build I get


The project homepage is L<http://search.cpan.org/dist/Database-Accessor/>.

The latest version of this module is available from the Comprehensive Perl
Archive Network (CPAN). Visit L<http://www.perl.com/CPAN/> to find a CPAN
site near you, or see L<https://metacpan.org/module/Database::Accessor/>.

Ok that is nice output. I do not see any content for the bugs and repository and that leads me to believe that there is something missing in my 'dist.ini' file and how [Bugtacker] is working. As I said before the POD for this plug-in is good for once I am going to try this

++web = https://github.com/byterock/%l/issues
++mailto = test@test.com

'web' in this case is taking a '%l' which should be my 'distribution' name in lower case and then I just added in a fake email to see what I will get. I give it the old 'clean' and 'build' with 'dzil' and get exactly the same thing.

After playing for quite a while I just could not get it to work so onto something else. Maybe I have my post for tomorrow??


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