Dist::Zilla Its a Wrap III

Another less than insipred day here at the Dist-Pen.

Well ten more posts to look at.

Dist::Zilla Plan
In this post I sat down with my Database::Accessor code base and ran it though dzil test to make sure it was all working.

Very Little Dist::Zilla
Well went off on a tangent with this post. I had problems with this test case 31_elements.t and finally found a solution to the problem I was having was where to place some test classes so the tests would run without hard-codeing the paths.

Dist::Zilla Party Time
Well in post I finally mad a mile-stone in my porject, I got all the test cases to pass and I found another bug I fixed and my tests still passed.

Dist::Zilla is Sad or is that Happy?
Still stuck on the same bug but this time I actully found a better solution that got rid of a kludge I was using and did not like

Dist-Zilla Hates Tidy
Well the peril of automated testing came up in this post. Still facinated with that bug of a few post ago I finally figured out that I added the bug in myself when I as getting a fail from 'xt/author/critic.t' which I blindly fixed without thinking of the problems I was causing.

Dist::Zilla Does Pod
Just a sill rant post about writing pod.

Dist::Zilla Goes to SKULE
Well another rant post about how I am going to document Database::Accessor.

No Dist::Zilla
YARP, Yet Antother Rant about Pod.

He's Back!!!
Well in this post I fianlly go sick of just ranting and write about POD and had my first look at Pod::Weaver as I really hate writing boring boiler plate. But I did end the post with a problem.

Dist::Zilla and Weaver. Play Nice!
In the last post for today I fixed the problem from the previous post and discovered that one of the best solutions to problmes is to run out and look at other people's code.

Funny no complaints yet in the comments, You would think there would be as people hate cheap clip-shows.


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