Dist::Zilla Its a Wrap IV

Well still a few more of these in the Dist-Pen

Time to nock off another ten posts!

Dist::Zilla Tempate

In this post I decided to dig deeper into the Pod::Weaver template well really I just explain that the 'weaver.ini' file is the template/

Dist::Zilla On Style
This post I go a little deeper into the varios differnt template bundles out that and show the template works a in a little more depth.

Dist::Zilla Takes it in the Name
The first in my rathder long series of review of the various 'Section' plug-ins. To start the rather simplistic [Name]

Dist::Zilla Plots Version
A look at the [Version] section plugin a little more complex than the last.

Dist::Zilla Regional Report
This post deal with one of the more common section plugins [Region] and I intoduce the concept of moving stuff about and build an ordered document out of an bunch of unorded parts.

Dist::Zilla Generic Model
This post looks at the most used of any section plug-in I have seen so far [Generic]

Dist::Zilla Collects
The [Collect] section plug-in was the subject for this post. I found this plug-in one of the more useful and one i intend to use in the future. It lets you create custom POD tags in you code that you can then group under a heading.

Dist::Zilla Hates Leftovers
This post explains what happens to all the POD content that is not already in a section it gets collected and dumped with the [Leftovers] plug-in

Dist::Zilla Lists Authors
Well this post just shows you how to use the [Authors] section plug-in, which is a good thing as you can't get much out of the rather sparce POD. Newbies beware.

Dist::Zilla Consults the Law
Now in this post we are begining to see Dist::Zilla and Pod::Weaver working closely together. As the [Legal] plug-in gets all it needs from the Dist::Zilla 'dist.ini' file.


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