Dist::Zilla Its a Wrap V

Another non creative day here in the Dist-pen

Well another ten to do. Getting close to the end! This is the spot where I start my series of going over most of the available Section plugins.

Dist::Zilla Ready and Available

The first post of many looking at the various section plug-ins that are left over. The [Avaliability] plug-in is one works closely with Dist::Zilla and I also left you hanging with a problem I was having.

Dist::Zilla Flash Bugs

Well still suck in the [Availabillity] plug-in but I did find a bug which I patched locally and got the plug-in to work correctly for me. I think that is the second bug, well maybe 1.5 bug I have found since I started playing with Dist::Zilla.

Dist::Zilla Report Bugs

Well in post I am no longer finding bugs but I did look at the [Bugs] plug in so at least in my next POD I will have a blurb on reporting bugs.

Dist::Zilla Still Stuck on Bugs
Well not much rocket science here I just looked at these three section plugins

all of which add in a 'Bug' blurb in you POD

Dist::Zilla Hates PEEPS

Well finally off my all bug diet and had a look at the [Badges];

Badges? We don't got no badges. We don't need no stinking badges!!

section plug-in. A little Easter treat for every one.

Dist::Zilla Gives Back

In this post I show you how to thank your many minions for helping you by have a look at the [Contributors] section plug-in.

Dist::Zilla In C

Just a quick post that looked at the [CommentString], [CollectWithAutoDoc] and [CollectWithIntro] plug-ins.

Dist::Zilla Moose Weaver

Back to Moose in this post, well not really just how I can use some plug-ins that play nice with my Moose classes and create POD for me. Check out [Consumes], and [ClassMopper] if your code is a Moose.

Dist::Zilla Consumes Even More
Whats better than a Moose? Moore Moose, or is that Meece? I have a look at three more section plug-ins [Extends], [MooseExtends] and [MooseComumes] that are sure to get the velvet off your atlers or ring your Moose's bell.

Dist::Zilla Re-Generates
I have a look at the very useful [GenerateSection] plugin with this post. This one allows you to use weaver file itsef to hold both the text and format for a blurb where usually they are in a seperate file.

Well that is the review for today getting to the end very soon.


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