Dist::Zilla Its a Wrap VI

Last one I promis in the Dist-Pen

The go of my Dist::Zilla~Pod::Weaver round up.

Dist::Zilla Gets More Legal

Went back to law school in this post. Has a look at three section plugs ins [Legal::Complicated], [Legal::Supplemented] and
[LegalWithAddendum] all of wich let you tweak your leagize the way you want.

Dist::Zilla Gets Used

I had a look at the [Requires] section plugin today which is good on two fronts;

  1. you should list your deps someplace in your POD and

  2. it will find out all mods that are used so you can find ones that you many not require

Dist::Zilla Needs Support The first

Looking at the [Support] in this post and found that it was quite extensive so only covered its default functionality.

Dist::Zilla Needs Support The Second

A closer look at the [Support] section plug-in in this post. Took out some parts I did not like and added in bits and costom content to my likeing.

Dist::Zilla Looks Elsewhere
In this post I had a good long look at the [SeeAlso] plugin.

Dist::Zilla No See

Another quick post on the remaining three section plug-ins that start with the letter 'S'. None really interested me.

Dist::Zilla Templated

I had a very quick look at the [Template] section plug-in in this post. Found it somewhat useful but I think I will stick with [GenerateSection] instead

Dist::Zilla Disclaims
In the last of my Dist::Zilla~Pod::Weaver post I have a look at the [WarrantyDisclaimer] section plug-in that plays very nicely with Dist::Zilla.

So that is a wrap though I suppose I could have one more post where I summerize my summaries?? That may cause a endless loop though.


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