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It is the big 'S' round-up here on the Dist-pen today.

Well just a post-ette today as I am a little hard pressed to find things to blog about. I am going to have a quick look at the three remaining section plug-ins that start with 'S'

  • [SQL]
  • [SourceGitHub]
  • [Source::DefaultGitHub]


This is a neat little plug-in that I might find useful when I go the write up my DAD::SQL. If you wrap any sql in you POD like this


SELECT * FROM records where id =1


it will gather up all of those Blurbs and put them in a 'SQL' section. There is a single attribute 'keywords' that you can use to limit the scope of the gathered SQL, by default it uses all the reserved words found in 'SQL::Statement', so if you wanted to see only the 'select' sql you would add this to you 'weaver.ini' file

keywords = SELECT


This is a rater redundant section plug-in as the same functionality can be found in a number of others. It simply checks the meta-data for the repository info and then outputs something like this

=head1 SOURCE
The development version is on github at L<https://github.com/byterock/database-accessor>
and may be cloned from L<git://github.com/byterock/database-accessor>
The plug-in has no attributes.


A little less redundant than the last plug-in this one does much the same as it expect you have set the 'repostitory' key in the dist.ini file. The plug-in is a a little more proactive because if you do not set the above it will actively try and find the repo on GitHub if your 'user/repo' in presnet in the '.git/config' file and that file is in the path.

The plug-in does come with two attributes 'repository' that you can use to over-ride the value in the 'dist.ini' file. The 'text' attribute lets you change the content of the blurb from the default 'Please visit the project's homepage a L<%s>' to what ever you want. Note the '%s' will substitute out the name of your repo.

Here is the a rather silly Godzilla pic for your enjoyment that I have been saving for just such an occasion.


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