Baby Moose Back Again?

Well its post-ette day today here in the Moose-Pen

Yesterday's post I managed to make a very small start on my Driver::DBI before I figured it would be a good idea to do more of the param validation on the Accessor side rather than the driver side. That way I know I will not run into the situation where one Accessor/Driver combination works differently than another.

The validation rule for today is on the $container param for both the Create and Update and is as follows;

'Each element in the elements array that has the same view as the DA class must be present as a key in a Hash-ref or as an attribute in Class container. This rule is not on by default but is to be turned on only when the all_elements_present flag is true.

So to get the above in place I will need to add in that new flag here;

   has [
 ++       all_elements_present
Now for the validation I created the neat little recursive sub;

   sub _all_elements_present {
        my $self = shift;
        my ( $message, $container ) = @_;

        if ( ref($container) eq "ARRAY" ) {
            $message.=” The Array-ref container, has an error! “;
            foreach my $sub_container ( @{$container} ) {
        else {
            foreach my $element ( $self->elements() ) {
                  if ( !( $element->view )
                    and $element->view ne $self->view->name() )
                  ;    #ignore elements on other view (joins etc)
                if ( ref($container) eq 'HASH' ) {
                    die $message
                      . "The Hash-Ref \$container must have a "
                      . $element->name
                      . " key present!"
                      if ( !exists( $container->{ $element->name } ) );
                else {
                    die $message
                      . "The Class \$container must have a "
                      . $element->name
                      . " attribute!"
                      if ( !( $container->can( $element->name ) ) );
and then a quick add in to the create and update methods

++        $self->_all_elements_present($message,$container)
 ++         if ($self->all_elements_present);
        $self->_execute( Database::Accessor::Constants::CREATE,

++        $self->_all_elements_present($message,$container)
++         if ($self->all_elements_present);
        $self->_execute( Database::Accessor::Constants::UPDATE,
and that should be good to go. A start on it anyway, I see in some of my earlier notes I am going to a few element attributes to handle as well here is a partial list
  • no_create
  • no_retrieve
  • no_update
  • is_identity
  • only_retrieve

and some of these are not even in yet.

I do not think I am ever going to get to play in Driver::DBI, as I need code and tests for all of the above to boot and I just saw one other rule I will have to add, all elements on a create or update must have the same view. Oh well more posts at least.

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