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Its Just a quick post-ette day here in the Moose-Pen

When we last met our hero she had gotten though most of the perils of the ever-changing API and the ever-increasing code base but found one other problem when working on the test in test case '10_crud_basic.t'

$da = $person->da();
left => {
name => 'user_id',
right => { value => $new_person->{user_id }},
operator => '=',

The $da->results->set was coming out a little wrong;

'set' => [
] ];

It is missing most of the elements. Fortunetly the 'results' object I can see the query da->results->query;

SELECT, people.first_name, people.last_name, people.user_id, assress_id,
address.street,, address.postal_code, address.country_id, country.description country,
region.description region, time_zone.description "time zone"
FROM people
LEFT JOIN people_address ON = people_address.address_id
AND people_address.primary_ind = ?
LEFT JOIN address ON people_address.address_id =
LEFT JOIN country ON = address.country_id
LEFT JOIN region ON = address.region_id
LEFT JOIN time_zone ON = address.time_zone_id
WHERE people.user_id = ?

and I revived it and I notices I had an incorrect join on that first 'JOIN' it should be;

LEFT JOIN people_address ON = people_address.people_id
AND people_address.primary_ind = ?

So there is something awry going on there and the first place I looked was in my 'Person' class and I added in this little fix;

links => [{type => 'LEFT',
to => { name => 'people_address'},
conditions => [{ left =>{ name => 'id', },
-- right =>{ name => 'address_id',}},
++ right =>{ name => 'people_id',}},
{ condition =>'and',
left => { name => 'primary_ind',
view => 'people_address' },
right => { value => 1}}

After the above change I get what I think is the correct record set;

'set' => [[
'Plaza de la Constitucion 2',
'Ciudad de Mexico',
'3 ',

so now I at least have at least more data coming back. The question is are they correct? I do have the input hash from '_new_person_data' but that does not help me much as I have a hash vs an array. What I will have to do it add in the expected results to the '_people_data' and the other functions that return data.

So a quick add in here;

sub _people_data {
my $self = shift;
return [[1,'Bill' ,'Master','masterb' ,1,'1414 New lane','Toronto',
[2,'Bob' ,'Milk' ,'milkb' ,2,'22 Sicamore' ,'Toronto',
[3,'Jill' ,'Nobert' ,'norbertj',3,'PO Box 122','Hollywood',
'90210' ,1,'USA' ,10,'West',3,'PST'],
[4,'Alfred E.','Newman' ,'newmanae',4,'PO Box 233','Hollywood',
'90210' ,1,'USA' ,10,'West',3,'PST'],
++ [5,'James' ,'Marceia','marceiaj',6,'Plaza de la Constitucion 23',
'Ciudad de Mexico','06000',3,'Mexico',21,'NA',2,'CST'],

I also noticed when I was playing in there I was missing a few elements on my 'Person' class. So I added in two new elements 'region_id' and 'time_zone_id' to that and then added in this test;

my $test_data = $user_db->_people_data->[4];
cmp_deeply( $da->result()->set->[0], $test_data,
"Return results correct");

and my result came out as

not ok 7 - Return results correct
# Failed test 'Return results correct'
# at 10_crud_basic.t line 75.
# Compared $data->[8]
# got : '3 '
# expect : '3'

So my field 'country_id' is coming up as a string vs a int. I wonder where that come in to the mix. Looking at the DB and I see that both the 'country_id' and the 'region_id' as set as a CHAR(2) and really they should be a int. So I had to make a change to that how I build the db in 'Xtest::DB::Users::Plugin::Oracle' and once I made that change;

Now I get

ok 7 - Return results correct

All good for today and onto something else tomorrow.


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