Paws XIX (The I between)

Paws S3 is coming together nicely I just have one more 'S3' todo test to look at and that is the get 'ListObjectVersions' test.

To start I fixed up the 'ListObjectVersions' test much like this

call: ListObjectVersions
service: S3
- expected: bucket
op: eq
path: Name
- expected: my
op: eq
path: Prefix
- expected: 5
op: eq
path: MaxKeys
- expected: 0
op: eq
path: IsTruncated
- expected: my-image.jpg
op: eq
path: Versions.0.Key
- expected: 3/L4kqtJl40Nr8X8gdRQBpUMLUo
op: eq
path: Versions.0.VersionId

no need to put the 40 or so other similar lines above but in the the end and the result was;

All tests successful.

So I have no more 'S3' todo tests to check and before I move off to anything else I ran the full test suite and I get the lovely happy path

All tests successful.

Now to get rid of that 'Paws::S3 is not stable / supported / entirely developed at …' warning I will see how many S3 calls do not have a test case yet.

So I stated on that and just a quick look I came up with

  • DeleteBucketAnalyticsConfiguration
  • DeleteBucketCors
  • DeleteBucketEncryption
  • DeleteBucketInventoryConfiguration
  • DeleteBucketLifecycle
  • DeleteBucketMetricsConfiguration
  • DeleteBucketPolicy
  • DeleteBucketReplication
  • DeleteBucketWebsite
  • DeleteObjects
  • DeletePublicAccessBlock

and that is just the deletes so it is going to be a bit of a long run to get all these fixed up. Oh well check in what I got and start another branch so I guess my first PAW postette.


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