Paws XVII (The last of the direct line for the Bourbons at least)

I finally (well a few days ago) had a response to another of my questions up on gitihub;

-->me I added in th status as you suggests. I found it under botocore as "location":"statusCode", It is used in a number of other classes


This means that we can make the builders put the trait on the appropiate attributes, which I see you already found ?


I added it in as a new trait as you suggested, not 100% sure on the name though


I think the name would better be ParamInStatus (just as a reflex of the other traits).


please have a look and see if I am on the right track.


I think you're on the right track ?

So I have switched over to my 's3ObjectTagging' branch and I think I all have to do is change the name of my trait from 'ParamInResponse' to 'ParamInStatus' which I found in three files and did a simple change and then reran the test and got;

1..10391 ok All tests successful.

Now just a quick checkin and ready to continue on with my S3 fixes.

Now I do have a very short port today but there is some other news on PAWS front and I think I will just a quick plug for it here to get the work out.

I do not all the behind the scenes info just the public post that have come across my way.

That great perl shop Shadowcat have been playing with Paws converting it over from 'Moose' to 'Moo' and the lates diff can be seen here .

So far it is early days with this and I only played with it a little today and I did manage to get it pass all the tests at least in that branch and I am not sure if this effects anything I have done lately.

There are changes to some of the 'Json' templates so perhaps they have yet to get to any of the 'XML' templates I have been tinkering with. More than likely they will change.

The logic for the change is to increase the speed of PAWs, I myself have yet to see the utility of that but then again I mostly use PAWs in an environment where speed is not concern but I can see others need it.

From another post I see a number of users are finding a speed issue when reading data from a AWS dynamoDB so I can understand why speed is importatn.

From what I have read speed has greatly increased as noted in this this post

old: a@work ~paws/benchmarks -:a34ce7bd9:0.1G:INS % perl -I../Paws-0.40-slow/lib ./decode-benchmark timethis 10: 38.3982 wallclock secs ( 0.00 usr 0.00 sys + 37.95 cusr 0.36 csys = 38.31 CPU) @ 0.26/s (n=10)
new: a@work ~paws/benchmarks -:a34ce7bd9:0.1G:INS % perl -I../lib -I../auto-lib ./decode-benchmark timethis 10: 7.31231 wallclock secs ( 0.00 usr 0.00 sys + 6.92 cusr 0.32 csys = 7.24 CPU) @ 1.38/s (n=10)

from aeruder we are seeing a speed increare of some 5 times which is impressive.

Well I hope them all the best.

Now back to my S3 todo fixes.


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