Put up or Shutup, part 1: Starting somewhere

My ranting and raving from the previous post, which I expected to only receive shun, flame and troll turned out to have a positive side effect: being told to actually do something about the things I was complaining about. So instead of disappearing into /dev/null or somewhere equally as stupid, and despite my own inabilities to do them all, the least I can do is something which is greater than being a clown on the internet.

The things I bitched about boil down to a few key bits:

  • Usability and experience on Perl related websites need sign…

The "M" word is the wrong word.

If you are offended, angered or feel I am mistaken, I welcome dialogue on this topic. No doubt what I will say might piss someone off.

So far, the only people with vocal voices in the "Marketing" of Perl are people with financial interests in the language - consultants, trainers and the likes. Let's not mention names. I've got nothing against these people putting bread on the table, hell, the language which I write and use most days does it for me. But I have full time employment, so my financial circumstances change little if the language died tomorrow - like all problems within my w…