On screen names and real names

Is this the obligatory "hello blogs.perl.org" post? I guess so. I will no longer be updating my old use.perl.org journal. Not that I updated it very much to begin with.

Which leads to my point. For a long time, I engaged the Perl community under my screen name "revdiablo", but I've been slowly migrating away from that in favor of simply using my real name. I haven't really thought about a way to smoothly transition, so I'm leaving my screen name on old accounts and using my real name for new accounts. Hopefully, at some point, my screen name will fade into obscurity.

Unfortunately, there are probably still some people who recognize me only by the screen name. Maybe they will see this and take notice. Are any of you one of them?


I have no idea who you are, whatever you want to call yourself. Welcome to blogs.perl.org :)

I do recognise the “revdiablo” name – from back in my PerlMonks days even, I’m pretty sure.

I never really quit either, and very occasionally butt my head in even now… but once I fell off the site I never really got back and my visits have grown progressively farther apart over time.

Oh well.

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