Hello, world!

Well, I couldn't resist...had to start with the typical "Hello, world!" This is a blog site about a programming language, is it not?

I am currently a high school student, and computer programming is one of my interest/hobbies. I have a website where I offer Perl tutorials for beginners, and I really like making tutorials. That said, I myself am not a very advanced programmer, by any means...I really don't know much at all. One of the ways that I learn is by taking on programming challenges/tasks, but the issue is, I don't know how effectively I am completing the task. I am sure there are better ways to approach some problems from both logical and technical standpoints. Therefore, I am mostly starting this blog as a place to get feedback from others about the scripts that I write as to what the potential weaknesses/drawbacks might be, and how I can make my scripts (and my programming skills in general) better.


Hello, Chris, and welcome!

Welcome Chris. Looking forward to your posts. You seem to miss the link to your tutorials :)

Another way to get feedback --apart from blog comments-- is to meet fellow Perl coders.

Is there a Perl Mongers group in your area? Perl Mongers meetings are a great way to meet interesting people, chat with them, show them your code. Every group is different. Some are mostly social, other do regular technical meetings, some are a mix of both.

And if there's none around you, maybe it's time
start one.

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