Nordic Perl Workshop update

It's been some time since the last update on the progress.

A few weeks ago we set the new dates which is the weekend of 13th and 14th of October.

Stockholm is usually quite beautiful during early october and if weather permits I'm hoping that we can arrange a relaxing trip out to the archipelago before or after the workshop.

I'm happy that Damian Conway will be visiting the workshop this year to talk about regex debugging and will also provide training the days following the workshop thru our sponsor Init AB. Other s…

Considering NPW2012 rescheduling

Unfortunately there's been very few talk submissions and registrations for NPW2012 so far which could be due to it being the week before YAPC::NA and a bit of tight schedule from announcement to workshop.

Therefore I'm considering rescheduling it for later this year.

Comments, thoughts?

Nordic Perl Workshop 2012 - June 4-5 in Stockholm, Sweden

On the 4th and 5th of June the 2012 edition of Nordic Perl Workshop takes place
and other interesting stuff around Perl5, Perl6, the community, projects and
related topics.

Regular attendee fee is 50 EUR and for students a reduced fee at 25 EUR.

Afterwards my hope is to have a hackathon and some touristy stuff for those
who are interested.

In order for the workshop to be great we also need interesting presentations
which my hope is that you attendees will p…

Nordic Perl Workshop 2012 update

I was hoping to announce a date last weekend but it's taken a bit longer.

The dates we're looking at are:

May 26-27
June 4-5
July 28-29

Which would be best?

Nordic Perl Workshop 2012 - CFP

Stockholm Perl Mongers and our fellow Nordic Perl Mongers arranges the annual Nordic Perl Workshop in Stockholm, Sweden in the beginning of the summer (late may / early june). This is the third time the workshop is arranged in Stockholm and the 10th time

Nordic Perl Workshop is a workshop for the community by the community and we want you to submit interesting and inspiring presentations in order to make the workshop successful. Talk lengths are the usual 20 and 40 minutes but we might consider
longer ones if motivated. Any subject is welcome as long as it's r…