How should I write a test suite which depends on an external server?

I'm in the process of writing a test suite for, but in order for it to run any tests, it requires access to an ElasticSearch cluster.

Currently, I just skip all tests unless $ENV{ES_SERVER} is set, but this requires manual installation / testing.

Alternatively, I could (if $ENV{ES_SERVER} isn't set) try to download and compile a test version, which requires git and java v 1.6 or higher. It doesn't take long to compile, but long enough so that user may not want to do it by default.

So I could ask them if they want the script to build a test server, but again, this requires manual installation.

It'd be nice to use the cpan testers to run the test suite on multiple platforms, which implies building a test cluster by default.

What would you do?


IMO, your current option is the most sane. It's the same approach taken in DBIx::Class for any of its DB backends -- you need to set DSN, username and password env vars for them to run. I've done the same thing for live.t in WebService::Solr.

I think the download + compile option is far to heavy for practical usage.

A third option would be to create a "mock" server. It would return static, pre-defined responses without the need to have a real ES cluster.

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