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ElasticSearch::AnyEvent pre-release available on github

I've just pushed ElasticSearch::AnyEvent - this brings async requests to the Perl ElasticSearch client. It is still lacking proper documentation and any tests, which will soon follow.

It is available on the anyevent branch on github

This is my first foray into async programming in Perl, so I'd appreciate feedback on the API and code.

Briefly, it can be used as follows:

use ElasticSearch::AnyEvent();
 my $es = ElasticSearch::AnyEv…

ElasticSearch at YAPC::EU 2010 - slides live

My slides from my talk at YAPC::EU 2010, "ElasticSearch - You know, for search", are now available here:

ElasticSearch at YAPC::EU

If you're lucky enough to be coming to YAPC::EU and you're interested in ElasticSearch, come along to my talk

I'll be giving a brief introduction to what it is, the benefits, and how to talk to ElasticSearch with Perl

ElasticSearch gets facets, scripting and better performance

I've just released version 0.18 which supports ElasticSearch version 0.9.0

Some of the major new features in ElasticSearch 0.9.0 are (or see the Detailed release notes )

Facets support

ES now supports a wide range of facets ie aggregated counts based on your…

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