Rakudo Perl 6 Compiler - 2016.01.1 released

This release includes primarily bugfixes, should be no breaking changes from the Christmas release.

Thanks to everyone for your patience as we figure out our release setup and how to add new features without breaking compatibility with the 6.c spec.

A Rakudo Star release should follow in the next few days, hopefully in time for the NY.pm Perl 6 hands on workshop this weekend.

If you want a tarball, you can download the compiler from http://rakudo.org/downloads/rakudo/ -- Additionally, it's available via macports already.

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To add, you can grab the source code at https://github.com/rakudo/rakudo/releases/tag/2016.01.1

The Rakudo Star distribution that includes installers, docs, and a crop of modules will be available soon.

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