JAMF Software and Perl Class, Mark 3

My first go at this was with Dr Forr, my long time Perl mentor and friend. While working together we convinced the boss, his brother, to open up our office as a lab for a series of open to the public classes, more or using the same format and overarching plan I've jotted down for this proposed go.

Generally, our focus was Unix and Perl, especially - though not exclusively- for people completely new to programming. Or completely new to computers - it was the '90s. That was a real thing.

Since then, I've resurrected the gist in several forms, to create one-week boot camps fo…

My First Twitter App

Today I finished my first twitter app. My main point in posting this entry is to talk about how wonderful is Perl, and in particular how fancy is Net::Twitter. If you already know these things you can safely stop reading now.

My completed application is two programs each of which appear to be 67 lines long. In addition to providing a feed into Twitter I also threw in a CGI component, just for giggles.

Was it something I said?

This morning I re-tweeted a a post from @petdance where he says (or, moreover, I understood him to say) OpenSource developers can be surly. I agree.

Shortly thereafter, I read a post from @briandfoy_perl and discovered, much to my discomfort, that this is part of a larger conversation about the perl community…