Damianically Possessed: Returning to Portugal

In my spare week before YAPC::EU, I am making a return visit to one of my favourite cities in Europe: to Lisbon.

José Castro is a good friend. As soon as he heard I had a some extra time this year, he wrote and invited me to come and visit Lisbon.pm. And who could resist the beautiful weather and city and people of the Portuguese capital? So I am delighted to have the opportunity to catch up with many friends and acquaintances in Lisbon this summer.

I'll be giving a free public talk to the local Mongers (and, we hope, to the wider Open Source community) on the evening of Monday 8 August. We are still working out exactly which talk that will be, but the details will be announced soon on the Lisbon.pm blog as well as in other local news channels.

Finally, my profound thanks to everyone else who has been in touch with me over the past week. I was grateful and honoured to receive so many warm invitations to visit so many interesting places. I'm truly sorry that I couldn't accept more of them this year, and I'm now planning to add an extra week to my 2012 European schedule, in the hope that, next time, I'll be able to visit even more Monger groups, in even more countries.

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