Damianically Possessed: Visiting Oslo

My profound thanks to everyone who invited me to visit them during my spare week in Europe. After much discussion and contemplation I have accepted two invitations for the week. The first of them is to visit Oslo.pm

Salve Nilsen wrote to me as soon as I announced I was available, and reminded me that Oslo.pm has already invited me several times to visit them. They have waited patiently for several years now, so the week before YAPC::EU seems like the perfect time to accept their long-standing invitation.

So I'm going to be in Oslo on August 11 and 12. We'll be offering a free
public talk on the evening of Thursday August 11, the details of which will be announced soon on the Oslo.pm website.

We'll also be running two 1-day classes on August 11 and 12 at Redpil Linpro, with some of the proceeds going directly to help fund the activities of Oslo.pm.

I'm very much looking forward to my first visit to Norway.
Jeg håper å treffe deg der!

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