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Lausanne seminar update

Last week I foreshadowed that we would be offering a free evening seminar when I'm in Lausanne next month.

The arrangements for that talk are now finalized. My thanks to GULL for providing the venue, and especially to my good friend Frédéric Schütz for arranging everything.

You can get the full details of the event in the official announcement, but briefly:

Back in London

Life can be strange. Not counting endless transits through Heathrow (presumably some horrid form of karmic justice for a particular wicked former life), I have visited London only twice in the past decade. And offered not a single public class there in all that time.

Yet now I'm lining up for my second London visit, and second series of public classes, in six months. And the first person I have to thank for that is the same person who took care of me in London on my very first visit, over ten years ago now: the inimitable Dave Cross. It was Dave who …

Lausanne classes

I've been visiting that lovely city for several years now for private classes, but for the first time we have been able to arrange some public training events as well.

We'll be offering the following four classes, with the first three open to the general public. The fourth is only available to academics of SIB and CUSO (and is already almost full):

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