Back in London

Life can be strange. Not counting endless transits through Heathrow (presumably some horrid form of karmic justice for a particular wicked former life), I have visited London only twice in the past decade. And offered not a single public class there in all that time.

Yet now I'm lining up for my second London visit, and second series of public classes, in six months. And the first person I have to thank for that is the same person who took care of me in London on my very first visit, over ten years ago now: the inimitable Dave Cross. It was Dave who put me in touch with the wonderful folks at FlossUK, who are bringing me back in October for a second installment of Presentation Aikido, as well as offering my Understanding Perl Regexes class.

They're both running in central London, so if you missed out on Presentation Aikido back in April, or if you were off sick the day they sat everyone else down and revealed the secret mysteries of regular expressions...October is your second chance.

BTW, if you're thinking of attending either of these classes, you can save around 40% on the fees by taking out a FlossUK membership first (or checking whether your commercial, research or academic institution already has a membership). And if you sign up for the classes before September 15, you can snag the early-bird discount as well.


PS: I also want to particularly thank Josette Garcia and Mark Keating for their incredible support for this event.

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