What goes around, comes around

A thousand years ago, Viking raiders poured out of the frozen North to terrify and oppress my poor Celtic ancestors. But now it's our turn! That's right: once again, I'm returning to Oslo to spread mayhem, fear, and Perl (and not necessarily in that order!)

On Monday 24 March, I'm running a public class on behalf of Oslo.pm at Redpill-Linpro. I'll be teaching my Perl Masterclass, exploring advanced programming techniques for more experienced Perl programmers. I'm really pleased, because I don't often get the chance to offer my top-shelf class to the general public. We still have seats left, and you can sign up today.

Then, again in conjunction with Oslo.pm, on the evening of Wednesday 26 March, I'll be giving a free presentation entitled Life, the Universe, and Everything. We're holding this talk at The Scotsman, a pub in the heart of Oslo. I spoke there last visit and loved it: the beer apparently cushions the audience's brains, resulting in less overall trauma from the content. This particular talk isn't exclusively about Perl, so anyone with any interest in bizarre programming, improbable modes of computation, or the just plain deeply weird, is most welcome to come along.

We're also looking at possibly giving a second public talk on Friday 28 March, but I don't yet have final details on that. I'll blog about it separately, when I know more.

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