The Perl Conference in Amsterdam

I'm delighted to be attending The Perl Conference in Amsterdam in just over a week's time.

We'll be kicking off the event with two days of public training courses. I'll be offering a full-day class on Perl 6's awesome regexes and grammars on Monday August 7, and then my popular Presentation Aikido class on Tuesday August 8.

In addition to my own two events, brian d foy and Jeff Goff are also offering some great classes in Perl 5 or Perl you're guaranteed some first-rate training, whichever course you choose. All the classes are just €150 per day (including lunch and recaffeination breaks) and you can sign up for any of them on the conference's new training webpage.

We're also offering a 60% discount on my presentation class to any registered TPC presenter who might like some professional guidance or last-minute advice about their own talks. If you're feeling at all uncertain or nervous (or straight up terrified) about speaking at the conference, I promise I can help you communicate more clearly, deliver more confidently, and actually enjoy the experience as well.

Of course, I'll also be speaking during the conference myself. I'll be giving one of the morning keynotes, in which I'll explain how a seemingly trivial task in Perl 5 led to a multi-year, multi-module, multi-dimensional coding odyssey, eventually producing what may be the craziest–and yet most useful–module I've ever written. As usual, I'm planning for my talk to be fun, educational...and vaguely horrifying.

There's still plenty of time to register for the conference and/or the training days, so I hope to see as many of you as possible in beautiful Amsterdam.

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