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Simplicity made easy

The second task of last week's Weekly Challenge

Many of the participants went to great lengths to create efficient and accurate solutions:
tracking the last day of each month, detecting leap years correctly,
working out formulas for the day of the month for a particular date,
managing the complex date arithmetic required.

Coding with an even fuller toolset

Sigh. It's always the way, isn't it?

You no sooner get done writing about how having the right tools can make a particular coding task trivially easy...when you realize that, right next door, there was a much better example you could have used to make exactly the same point.

The "longest initial subpath" example I talked about in my previous post was challenge #2 of last week's Weekly Challenge. B…

Coding with a full toolset

A few years ago, I created a talk (and later an entire class) about "transparadigm programming" in Raku.

The basic premise was that while some languages restrict you to only a single hammer (or worse: a box full of hammers), Raku was designed to be a complete toolkit: integrating OO, functional, concurrent, declarative, and procedural tools to allow you to choose exactly the right combination for each job.

That idea came back to me in ful…

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