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July 31st


  • We need more sponsors. I've been working on a few leads, trying to make sure we can pay for everything.
  • Web site updates
  • Working on schedule template for the event.   There's a lot of debate over starting time.  Traditionally, people complained we started too early.   But, if we start any later it really makes for a short event once you subtract out all the breaks and meals.


  • Working with accountant.   We need to get all the YAPC records reconciled with our bank account.
  • Made history this week by processing the first ever set of monthly recurring donations to TPF.
  • Paying bills.   TPF is an associate member of the Unicode consortium for another year.
  • I've confirmed there's a problem with the YAPC checks.   They were mailed to the bank for deposit.   But, the bank never received them.   Now, I'm kicking myself for not using delivery tracking.   I've mailed in deposits several times in the past and never had this issue.  At least I have a scan of all the checks.   If they don't turn up soon, I'm going to have to write all the people that wrote checks.  I'm really not looking forward to that.


  • Upgraded to OS X Lion and hating it.

Status update.

Not sure how likely I am to actually succeed in giving regular updates, but I'm going to give it a go... Here is a synopsis of perlish things I’ve been working on in the past week.

The Perl Foundation (Treasurer)

  • Trying to track down some old contractual agreements to straighten out some payment details.
  • We’ve got some unfinished infrastructure refinement that needs to get done. (more details later)
  • Trying to close out all the details from YAPC this year. At this point, I’m comfortable saying it certainly ended in the black, …

About Dan Wright

user-pic I'm the Treasurer for The Perl Foundation and Team Leader for YAPC::NA. I have organized Perl events including 7 Pittsburgh Perl Workshops and two YAPC::NA's. In my day job, I'm the director of technical operations for pairNIC.com. I write code and I supervise a team of Perl developers.