Want PPW in 2014? So do I.

It's time to make a decision about hosting the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop this year. We've been on the fence for quite a while. Like I said at the end of PPW last year, if the community wants it, I'll make it happen. I also made a brief call for feedback during a lightning talk at YAPC::NA this year.

Certainly, we've received some feedback. People like PPW and want to see it continue. But is that enough? I'm not sure. So, it's time to convert this into numbers. We need people that want to show up and have a good time at PPW. And, we need them to commit.

So, the good people at Tilt.com (formerly "CrowdTilt") have sponsored a Tilt campaign for PPW. We need at least 30 registrations to make PPW a success this year. If we can get that many by Labor Day (September 1st, 2014), then we'll be having PPW this year on November 8th and 9th. Otherwise, we'll refund the tickets and start thinking about 2015 instead.

To sign up for PPW, please visit our Tilt campaign here: http://tilt.tc/mMkG

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I think this is a great way to discover things the community wants to do.

However, if these sorts of things fail, I don't necessarily think that means people don't want it. We haven't developed the channels to reach all the people and we haven't done this sort of thing in the past so it's still a bit weird. It might take a few for people to get the idea and realize if they don't pony up the organizers aren't going to put on an event and potentially scramble for money at the last minute.

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