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Math::Prime::Util, May update

Math::Prime::Util 0.41 was released, with new functions (valuation, invmod, vecsum, binomial, forpart), and the usual crop of performance improvements. In particular, primality testing on x86_64 got another big speedup.

Fun with binomials

I decided to add a binomial(n,k) function to Math::Prime::Util, and found some interesting things while doing it. Overflow detection and mitigation in C and Perl were the first thing. Next was looking at negative arguments, which led to finding some differences in various solutions as well as filing a bug report for Math::BigInt.

Math::Prime::Util, April update

Math::Prime::Util, and the optional Math::Prime::Util::GMP back end, are a set of modules for number theory in Perl, with a large overlap of functionality with PARI/GP. This is an update on some of the things that were new in the April release (0.40 of MPU, 0.19 of MPU::GMP).

The usual speed improvements in various areas, some approximation improvements, and new functions. Primality testing benchmarks also show Perl has state of the art solutions.

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user-pic I've been using Perl since 1991 (4.010 or so). At some point I realized that while I have used many languages, I enjoy using Perl more than any others.