Migration Issues

It looks like something didn't go quite as planned in the migration yesterday and now we seem to have lost some of the most recent posts. It looks like we're missing stuff from about midnight on 8th December to just before midday today.

Sorry about that. We now have a database back-up strategy in place that means we'll always have far more recent backups available. I'm sure this was a migration glitch and nothing more serious.

I'm so glad I put that "Beta" tag on the logo :-)


Hi, someone named Aaron contacted me about merging two accounts, a side effect of the earlier migration issues. I could not find email addresses for either of you so I am resorting to this post. the relevant accounts are guillermo_roditi and guillermo_roditi1 and I can be reached at groditi@gmail.com can you please let me know what I have to do to fix this? or point me towards getting in touch with Aaron?

It's an odd issue. My last post still shows up on my account but isn't in the blog roll. Maybe they're not dead (just pining for the fjords)?

I signed up on the 9th (with username "rhesa"), and wanted to see if I could post something today. I got a "user not found" error, so I signed up again with the same username, but it turns out I'm now "rhesa1" :)

Any chance you could merge the two?

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