This site has live been on the new hardware for a while now and things seem to be a lot more stable than they were previously.

There are, however, still a few issues that are left over from the old system and which are causing problems for some users (and some potential users). One particular problem that we keep coming across is that of accounts that were half-created on the old system. If you think you set up an account but you can't log in here or if you log in successfully but the system says you don't have permission to post a blog entry then your account is almost certainly in one of several possible intermediate states.

Most of these issues are really simple to fix. But we can't fix them unless we know about them. We have a ticket tracker on github where you can tell us about these problems. There is a link to this tracker at the bottom of every page on this site.

So if you have a problem of any kind with the site, please use the tracker to left us know about it.

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