Broken MT Update

The installation of Movable Type on this site was a couple[1] of versions behind so last night I decided to update the site to version 4.37.

Unfortunately, while carrying out the update, I skipped a vital step. I forgot to copy over the many site specific plugins which are installed here. This meant that for approximately ten hours overnight (UK time) the site was broken and it was impossible to create new blog entries or to post comments.

I think the problem has been fixed and the site should now be back to normal.

Apologies for the problems. I'll be more careful next time.

If you see any problems with the site, please report them over on github.

[1] For embarrassingly large values of "couple".


It looks like there may be a remaining glitch with userpics... they all seem to have src="""

Thank you for taking care of the blogs engine!
It is an important part of the community.

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