Can't post a comment here -- dunno why

Why, oh why, can't I post a comment on I'm properly signed in. I read a post, 30 seconds later. 30 seconds later, I click the button at the bottom of the post in order to post a reply. I fill in the form with my post. Then I get this error:


Comment Submission Error

Your comment submission failed for the following reasons: Your session has expired. Please sign in again to comment.

Return to the original entry.


And there is no avoiding it, even after signing in again.

Thanks very much for any help you can provide.


The session handling on bpo is somewhat buggy. Try signing out, clearing cookies for bpo, then try three times to login, then post your comment.

I found that "Preview" always kills my sessions. So, in order to preview, I copy the textarea to the clipboard, and then "Preview". If I like it, I log in again, paste from the clipboard and immediately "Submit".

I pre-emptively sign out and back in before any attempt to post a comment, and separately before any attempt to post an article (these sections of the site appear to maintain separate logins).

Possibly the software should be called 'Removable Type'

Previewing doesn’t kill the session. It’s just that the submit action on the preview page somehow fails to find or load the session correctly. But with the form on the article page, submitting works. So all you need to do is, after previewing, hit the back button before doing anything else. There is no need to keep signing back in over and over.

Obviously, do copy the comment to the clipboard before trying to submit, just in case. Most of the time this step is unnecessary – but on rare occasions, going back from the preview page seems to have eaten my comment. (I’m not sure if it’s a browser issue or a bug in the site or both.) Better safe than sorry.

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