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CPAN ratings

There are a couple of indicators I take into account when evaluating perl modules.

  • Update frequency and date of last update
  • Usually I look at the source and check for existance of test files.
  • The next step would be to check cpantesters results.
  • Some cpan authors are known for writing quality code
  • Also helpful sometimes are the cpan ratings.

I just wanted to submit ratings for some of the modules I really like but “failed” to do so because apparently it requires a bitcard login.

Q: What is bitcard and why can’t I use my PAUSE login?

Bitcard is an open single-sign-on web-authentication service. It’s free for both users and web sites. It is used by most services.

Ideally I would like to use one account for all perl services. If I click “login” on, cpan, … a small disclaimer that bitcard is used in the background would suffice.

PS: after proofreading this post I’d like to make sure no one feels offended. So don’t!

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