Devel::CheckLib needs a new maintainer

It's over a year since I released Devel-CheckLib-0.699_001 which introduced a Useful and Shiny new feature, but it's still not had a proper release because it doesn't work on Windows. I don't have access to Windows, and even if I did I wouldn't know what to do, and, to be blunt, I don't care to learn.

So I'd like to find someone to take over maintenance, fix the bugs, be able to test it on both Windows (Cygwin, MSVC and ideally Borland too) and Unix, and get a release out. If you know VMS (for which it has no support at all) then all the better!

Any volunteers? Please email me if you'd like to do this.


Hi. I'm using perl on windows many times. and I'm going to know some development environment on windows like following.

* MinGW32(Cygwin also)
* Borland-C

But I don't have any know-how(s) about VMS. Of course, I'm also unix user. If you accept, I'll take a turn. :)

My cpan id is 'MATTN'.


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