More tentacles for the cpXXXan

My mad experiment in CPAN mirrors has grown a couple of new tentacles. Previously it could be a perl-X.Y.Z-specific mirror, such as the CP5.6.2an, or an OS-specific mirror such as the cpMSWin32an. Now it can combine the two such as in the CP5.8.8-irixAN and all of those can also be combined with a date/time to only include stuff that was already on the CPAN as at that time, such as at the CP2000AN.

Why do this? Let's assume that you have a large complex application which uses lots of stuff from the CPAN, and depends on Elk version 1.009 and ListOfDogs version 5.1, and will break with any later version of Elk (or of ListOfDogs). You get a feature request from
a user, and think "ah-ha, there's a module for that", and so you go to install Some::Module. Unfortunately, the latest version of Some::Module depends on Elk 1.234, so your CPAN client merrily upgrades Elk, breaking everything. Doom and Disaster. Having a CPAN "mirror" nailed to the date of the last release of Elk and ListOfDogs that works for you will save you from pain, suffering, and the Dark Side.

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