Request for help to verify a docs translation to Serbo-Croation

I am writing to solicit help from anybody who knows Perl and can read Serbo-Croation. Vera Djuraskovic kindly offered to translate the documentation to PDL's threading engine, PDL::PP. Not light material, mind you. :-)

The problem is that I only speak and read English (and maybe British). If you think you can help, or think you know somebody who can help, please check out The original English can be found at

Of course, the original docs are written in pod, and I would really like to distribute the translation with PDL itself. However, Vera has not expressed any interest in distributing these docs as pod, possibly because she (he?) would actually like to drive some viewers to his (her?) site. For my part, I am most concerned about having the translation. If the translator can derive a fringe benefit from the translation, I'm OK with that.

Thanks in advance!

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