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Lexical closures with END blocks warn, but Just Work

I was just impressed by the awesomeness of Perl. More testing revealed to me that "use 5.018" does not invoke "use warnings", which dampened my enthusiasm a little. But Perl is still pretty awesome. Here's the situation.

I write lots of Prima GUI applications. In this one (a presentation if you can believe that), I wanted a timer so I could see how long my talk was going. I had just run through part of my lecture and meant to check my time before closing (the clock is discretely placed in a separate window), but forgot to check before quitting the talk. Frustrated, I decided that I wanted my program to print the talk duration when it was finished.

My normal approach would have been to declare a file-scope lexical that gets initialized at startup, and refer to that in my END block. But instead, I decided to embed the END block within the initialization function itself.

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