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Sawyer X recently gave a talk in which he outlined that merely talking about the stuff we are doing helps promote perl (watch his talk here on youtube). I believe he is absolutely correct.

Mike Schilli is one person who I think is doing a fantastic job of this. He writes a Perl article each month in Linux Magazine which is available in print and electronic editions. Here in Australia, it's available in most newsagencies (which is where I tend to stand around reading it... and sometimes I buy it). I think thats some pretty solid reach.

His article this month uses Perl to talk to the Spotify API. Which to me, is a cool way to introduce people to Perl via something that is well known and external to Perl programming problems.

There is a pay wall and by way of disclaimer, I have no affiliation with the author, the magazine or Spotify (although I do have a Spotify premium account).

In line with Sawyer X's comments to talk about what we are doing. It seems that tech magazines almost always have calls from the editor for articles. Admin Magazine and BSD Magazine are two examples which you might consider. Perhaps your YAPC or PM talk can become an article which will get you published in print for the first time? Again, I have no affiliation whatsoever with the mentioned brands & magazines.

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