Netdisco moves to Github

Quoting Oliver G.

Hi all,

First, a very happy [Gregorian calendar] new year to you, and thanks for
continuing to use our software!

Following agreement in the dev team, the new home for Netdisco and
SNMP-Info is:

Please update your git repository URLs as in the example below:

$ git remote -v
origin ssh:// (fetch)
origin ssh:// (push)
$ git remote set-url origin

The full list of from/to URL changes (pay close attention!):






See this page if you get stuck with the URL or authenticating:

I am going to have a look at migrating the tickets, but it may be lossy
in metadata (ticket requestor) so, we'll see. Going forward we would
like the GitHub issues to be used to report bugs and request features,
although of course these mail lists are always preferred for initial
contact and discussion (and will remain at SourceForge).

Any questions, please let me know on or off list,


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