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I've been posting some Perl related polls in Perl Programmers over the last few weeks. Despite the obvious weaknesses in the sampling method, they've provided some good insights and great talking points.

Here's some results as of this afternoon. People can still respond to these polls.

Regarding area's where Perl could help out:
This surprised me, I didn't expect Performance Monitoring to come out on top.

Regarding what Perl is being run on:
This didn't surprise me at all. The weakness in this poll is that we didn't find out if people are using their own App Perl or the System Perl. But we know that CentOS+RHEL & Debian+Ubuntu are what the majority are running, with Windows and MacOS being important too.

Regarding the question of Perl's logo:
Folks seem to be happy with the Raptor and feel a bit of a facelift is all that's needed. My favorite suggestion (in the comments) was for a new Perl7 logo was a bike shed.

I will use more polls to dive deeper in the above in the near future. Please come Join Us


Can you update with direct links? I didn't see these polls.

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