And so it begins

So, yeah, here I am.

I'm about to embark on a project to rewrite a mod_perl2 application to Catalyst.
I promised mst I would blog about it, or otherwise make the process known, so that others might follow my example.

Sure, I'll do that, but is it really a good idea to follow in my footsteps?
I'll leave that up to you, my reader. I obviously have at least ONE reader, as you're currently reading this. Right?

I can't share any of the source code in the larger context, since I don't own it. My employer would probably fire me outright if I shared the proprietary software, and I'll even do my best to keep my employers name out of this. This is about the process of rewriting, not about my job in general.
I also won't go into the old software too much, except where it's relevant for the rewrite, and I won't comment on the choices made when it was written or anything of the sort. This is about modernizing, not about dredging up the past.

Let's just hope I remember to update this as frequently as I want!


Nice! Looking forward to hearing all about the porting work :)

There is a hole in your mind.

I'm very interested in your experiences. I'm in the process of doing the very same thing. Or at least looking into it. I'd love to possibly just sit down and chat with you and perhaps share experiences in a proprietary/employer name - neutral discussion.

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