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Never mind!

The rewrite was cancelled.

This is in part because of cost, and also because the client involved are, in the long term, including the functionality in their SAP "solution".

I could rant for several megabytes about how this is a silly desicion, but it was made so far above my head I can't even see it from here. Seems like that's always the case when SAP is involved.

So, after spending roughly €20.000 on something it's being scrapped, and some SAP consultant will implement it (sort of, anyway) in their way, and bill €1.000.000. Yep, makes perfect business sense for…

Can I just do my job?

One thing I've learned over the last few months is that nothing happens quickly or easily in a company of over 125.000 people.

My rewrite effort has been bogged down in security certifications and other time-consuming stuff, so I've been unable to sit down and do much actual code.
In stead, I've been reading Modern Perl again, and trying to wrap my head around PCI security standards compliance, and reading a whole stack of blogs and books about Perl…

Rebuilding the model

Yesterday I decided to stay with MySQL, but today I face something a little more creative: What should the data model look like?

So far today I've collected a list of all the information I would like to store, and marked out all the information that is currently stored. It doesn't look like I have to add a lot of information, but I'm certainly changing how it's stored.
In the current version of the application a whole lot of the information is stored in static configuration files.


And so it begins

So, yeah, here I am.

I'm about to embark on a project to rewrite a mod_perl2 application to Catalyst.
I promised mst I would blog about it, or otherwise make the process known, so that others might follow my example.

Sure, I'll do that, but is it really a good idea to follow in my footsteps?
I'll leave that up to you, my reader. I obviously have at least ONE reader, as you're currently reading this. Right?

I can't share any of the source code in the larger context, since I don't own it. My emplo…

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