Perl performance on Apple M1

I recently got an Apple M1 Mac Mini, half out of curiosity, half because it was exactly what I would need: I have a low end Mac just to try out things like new Xcode betas etc, like a "canary" machine. My old 2012 Mac Mini stopped getting official Apple updates, so it could no longer do what I needed and the 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD M1 mini at $699 is easily the cheapest Mac you can buy.

Speeding Up Perl Test Suites & Test2::Aggregate

I gave a talk at TPC 2019 based on my experiences speeding up the Perl test suite at room/roommate finding service SpareRoom, also serving as an introduction to the - just released at the time - Test2::Aggregate. The talk was a bit too dense, as I had prepared a pretty packed 20 minute presentation, only to realize a couple of days before (newbie speaker) that I had…

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