You Can't Test Everything, But At Least Test What's Important.

The key word being important. After releasing fetchware to CPAN, I got back CPAN Testers reports that had hundreds of given/when deprecation warnings. These warnings would just be completely insane when actually running the program on newer Perls, so given/when had to go byebye.

I used vim's cool but ancient s/// command to find and replace the givens and whens with their appropriate ifs. Unfortunately, I goofed up so profoundly that before bugs were reported to github, I had absolutely no idea that fetchware's command line interface was completely broken.

Introducing Fetchware: package management for source code distributions.

Years ago when I was a linux noob, I loved to install software from source code instead of lame vendor packages. It was cool. And it followed naturally from using Slackware as my linux distro of choice as Slackware still has more of an old school Unix feel to it instead of easy to use Ubuntu lameness. It was also encouraged by Slackware, which probably has the smallest repository of all linux distros, because it is still limited to what fits on 6 CDs or 1 DVD, but there are Slackbuilds for extra packages. What I loved most was getting to choose how the program was configured. Figuring it out was usually a simple ./configure --help away.