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Re: What if we could drop archives into @INC?

An article written by brian d foy What if we could drop archives into @INC? got me thinking. Indeed, I've been burned myself by PAR, which is a great instrument, but I don't like that it does a huge unzip every time the application made with it starts. And I don't like even more so that some times PAR forgets to clean up these huge perl trees, eating space in my /tmp.

The problem why it is not that easy to override "use" and "require", is that these are semantic constructs, and a…

Those TIFF files

While releasing and compiling Prima 1.33 for 5 different perls, I'm taking a moment to send a couple of warm ones towards the TIFF specification. Prima originally was written to be used in (among other) software for microscopy recordings, and recently a former colleague sent me a bunch of tiffs no software could read. Heh, here's the challenge, thought naive me. Indeed, these were 10-bit grayscale tiff bitmaps, and as bit-shuffling was some long time ago an interesting topic for me, I've implemented these in Prima's tiff codec. Everyone's…

udp_server with IO::Lambda

I'm turning again to my module IO::Lambda, which I think, doesn't get the resonance it could have. I've seen AnyEvent's tcp_server, which is great and easy to use, and was reluctant to add one to IO::Lambda, because it's so easy. Or at least subjectively so :)

But I'm thinking, well, it's one thing to not add it into common API for whatever reasons, but if it's simple enough, why not make it into an educational example? So I wrote tcp_server and udp_server, just for kicks, and indeed they're simple, just not that simpl…

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