After typing ack 'sub foo' lib for the approximately thousandth time during some refactoring sessions, I couldn't be bothered anymore and added the following snippet to my realias (after some googling on how to get params into an alias, which does not work in bash, so I had to solve it via a bash function):

sack () {
   ack "sub $1" lib

To find a given method in some of our labyrinthine code, I now say

~/projects/Foo-Bar$ sack annoying_method

and get a list of all occurrences.


P.S.: The name sack has nothing do with subroutine ack, but of course comes from the Austrian saying "Gemma ned am sack, oida!"

P.P.S.: Cross-posted from use.perl, because I haven't made up my mind yet if/when/how I migrate my blog form there to here...

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